According to the new protocol, our hotel has adopted all the sanitation and sanitization procedures to protect our beloved guests’ health.

Location and structure

Our hotel is situated in Viserbella, a small hamlet in Rimini, a few kilometres from its downtown.

The area is very quiet and uncrowded, suitable for those who would spend a relaxing and peacefull seaside holiday

Our structure,has been completely renovated in 2018. It is very intimate and romantic and counts a total of 16 rooms and suites, which are huge (some reach 45 square meters), almost of them have the balcony and are seafront or sea view.

The common areas, as well as the corridors and stairs, are very large and have been equipped with special columns with sanitizing gel dispensers and sterile glove packs.

Room and Suite

The rooms are sanitised with every change of guests with “Ozysan 3“, an ecological sanitisation system that uses the high oxidising power of ozone to quickly neutralise viruses, bacteria, germs, mites and mould.
Click here to find out how the OzySan 3 machine works

Ozone, with Protocol no. 24482 of 31/7/1996 of the Ministry of Health, has been recognized “as a natural garrison for the sterilization of environments“.
Click here to read the scientific validations on ozone

For cleaning all rooms, suites and common areas the hotel is following the new sanitization and sanitation protocols, using “Ozysan 3“, hydrogen peroxide and specific detergents based on 70% alcohol and chlorine.

The filters of the hotel air conditioning system are sanitized with ozone and periodically with the appropriate 70% alcohol-based sprays.

The industrial laundry, which supplies us with linen, complies with the new sanitation protocols, according to the European standard UNI EN 14065.

Read the legislation on Hygienic Safety of linen


Our buffet, sweet and savoury, is adequately protected by plexiglass panels and, after you have indicated your choice, it will be served directly at your table whether you will be in the air-conditioned breakfast room or outdoor on the seaside or still in the swimming pool area.

The tables, both in breakfast room and in the swimming pool, have been placed in compliance with the new regulations.

In our kitchen “on sight” the pastry chef prepares our sweet and savoury delicacies every day using the proper protective devices and in compliance with the required protocols.

Outdoor pool

Our swimming pool is kept clean and monitored every day by sanitizing products, and it is equipped with a modern dosing system that automatically inserts, h24, the right doses of chlorine and ph into the water.

The sun loungers in the solarium area have been arranged within the prescribed distances, as well as the sofas and coffee tables, and are sanitized after every use with hydrogen peroxide.

Access to the pool area is limited to a maximum number of people, to avoid crowds.

Lunch and drinks by the pool

In the small tables by the pool, appropriately spaced out, you can enjoy quick and light meals prepared by our kitchen.

You can also enjoy our drinks and cocktails, which will be served directly by our staff.


For dinner our hotel has made an agreement with selected restaurants which are following the new health and safety regulations, and can provide outdoor tables placed in right distances.


We made an agreement with the bathing establishment Stefano 51, just beside our swimming pool, which has arranged the beach with only 3 rows of umbrellas, very spaced out, within 5 meters distance between each umbrella and each row! The bathing establishment Stefano 51 reserves, moreover, to our guests, the very first row of umbrellas on the seashore, with our hotel’s colours.


All staff has been trained and also provided with the personal protective equipment, in particular face masks and gloves.

Even if, in compliance with the current legislation, must be kept physical security distance and shaking hands is forbidden, we will still welcome you with our usual kindness, courtesy and smile, even if partly hidden by the mask!

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