Energy Self-Sufficient

We use only clean energy. At You & Me Beach Hotel we are constantly committed to protecting the environment and avoiding the waste of natural resources. The whole building has been designed to be almost completely energy self-sufficient and reduce the impact on the ecosystem as much as possible.

Sun is Our Battery

A 25-kW solar power system and a 34.4 kW battery storage system have been installed on the roof. We generate all the electricity used to illuminate the hotel indoor and outdoor spaces and to heat the water of the Jacuzzi and Mini Pools. The entire building has been coated with a thermal envelope that, together with the wooden roof and modern aluminum window and door frames, assures the maximum level of thermal and acoustic insulation.

100% Eco-Friendly

All soaps and detergents used in the Hotel for cleaning and hygienization are eco-friendly. Equally all the toiletries are made of non-polluting organic materials. The bathrooms are equipped with 400 ml dispensers that, once empty, can be refilled to avoid throwing a lot of small disposable plastic bottles in the bin.

Green in Every Way

Our breakfast is not only completely handmade, but it is prepared only with organic products, possibly from local producers and labeled PDO and PGI. Finally, You & me Beach Hotel features a double 11.4 kW electric vehicle charging station to charge two vehicles at the same time.

You & Me HotelEco-sustainability