Our breakfast

Breakfast experience

Our breakfast will leave you astounded, as you could try our “Breakfast Experience”, an international breakfast from 8:00-11:00 AM comprised of home-made sweets delightfully prepared by our very own baker. Every morning we invite our guests to enjoy our wide variety of hand-crafted cakes, croissants, crepes, and pancakes exclusively made with fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

Our products

The majority of the products we use to prepare our breakfast are organic and locally grown, and we have chosen only the finest of our region, almost all DOP or IGP with an ample selection of cold cuts and cheeses. We have chosen Prosciutto di Carpegna matured for 24 months, Salame and Coppa di Mora Romagnola, Prosciutto Cotto and Mortadella Felsinea, and Speck Alto Adige Senfter. Among the best cheeses one can find such as Pecorino Scoparolo but also ones that are seasoned under walnut leaves, hay, pistachios of Bronte, and last but not least mozzarella bites and small portions of ricotta.

Our buffet

Our buffet includes deliciously crisp and sizzling bacon cooked on the grill served with scrambled eggs and a section dedicated to different types of fresh baked bread such as those comprised of potato flour, cereal, sunflower and poppy seeds. We also provide a wide range of cereals, yogurt, and honey-combs as well as gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan options such as vegetables and seasonal fruit.

As you jumpstart your day, we encourage you to sit and enjoy our selection of coffee, caffe-latte, and cappuccino exclusively made with the high quality coffee brand Illy, and fresh organic milk from the valleys of South Tyrol as well as drinks based on soy, oats and rice. In addition, we offer a host of teas, herbal-teas, juices, freshly-squeezed oranges, and fresh extracts of fruit and vegetables. 

Our breakfast

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